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Get Papped Combo
Get Papped Combo

Get Papped Combo

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Hold your loved ones accountable for their health!

The Australian Medical Board recommends that anyone with a cervix must book a cervical screening once they reach 25 years old. If their results are normal, they must then get a cervical screening every five years after that.

Cervical cancer is one of the most preventable cancers in the world, if we hold our loved ones accountable to book their screenings, we can work towards ending cervical cancer.

The limited edition Get Papped First Nations art card was created in collaboration with Banggaada Art to inspire and encourage First Nations people to 'Get Papped'.

Cervical cancer and cervical abnormalities do not discriminate.

In this artwork, above and below Get Papped we see people lining the pink dots. These dots represent our people, past, present and emerging and their struggles with cervical health. It is something that connects us all, we all have sisters, mothers and people in our worlds that this affects.

The dots are to represent all the people that have gone before us. May we use their experiences to empower the next generation to take hold of their health and well-being.

Our Ancestors and Elders line the top and bottom of the card, providing spiritual guidance protection.

The circles with the little dots around them are stars, they remind us to always look forward and to look at our ancestors for guidance in times of need.

Both cards are 10.50cm x 14.85cm and come with a blank envelope.

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